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Moeckel & Co. is a real estate investment and advisory services company specializing in the hospitality and recreation industries.  Formed in 1986, the company represents selected clients and investor partners in the capitalization, acquisition, development, asset management and disposition of hotels and recreational real estate.

Mr. Moeckel has extensive experience in the hospitality and recreation industries and enjoys national credibility and respect as an independent real estate investor and advisor.  His experience makes him sensitive to client and partner objectives and particularly well-suited for local partnership and a blend of advisory, owner-support and transaction services at all phases of the investment cycle and at all levels of the capital structure.

His current endeavors allow him to be a key participant in the increasingly intertwined hospitality and recreational real estate industries.  Through strategic alliances and relationships nurtured over three decades in leadership positions in these industries, he is positioned to create attractive proprietary investment opportunities as a principal and to respond to your advisory needs with unusual creativity, candor and independence.

A recognized leader in sourcing hotel investment capital in the Historic Districts of Charleston and Savannah; the company is differentiated by its intimate knowledge of local markets, established relationships with national investors and uncommonly discreet and efficient transaction execution. The company has secured and deployed over $160 million of fresh hotel investment capital for hotel investment in the past four years in these two cities alone.

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